Audio post card

This sound comes from the band shell park at city of Ames, the band shell park is a small park near the Main Street and Duff Avenue. I recorded the sound twice, at different time and different location. 1st recoding was on Nov. 9th Monday 7:00 pm at one of the bench in the part, and 2nd observing was on Nov. 17th 10:00pm inside of the band shell, As you can hear, the sounds are totally different. 1st sound is louder than 2nd one, because you could hear the sound of the power plant that is beside of the park, but the power plant sound of the second one is pretty quiet. I think the reason is the band shell. When I recorded the sound at middle of the band shell, the band shell would be a wall to block the noise from the back side. So, when you sit on the center of the band shell, then you could feel more comfortable and could be focus on yourself without disturbing by some noise behind you. Something like that, you could see some walls beside the high way for preventing the noise comes from the road at some city or town near the highway, for people’s convenience and sustainable life without noise.