Connex Brand Identity



We have explored experiential knowledge and its relation to graphic design in each of our projects. In our final project of the semester we will explore understanding the development of an identity and brand through experience mapping. You will create an identity for a company or entity, and determine its brand parameters and touch-points through the development of an experience map. In this project we will explore different methods of identity development. One is the matrix sketching method. If you have already experienced this method, you will be introduced to a methodology developed by Bruce Archer (whose article you read at the beginning of the semester). The company or entity you select must operate at an international level. You may invent a company or entity if you wish, but it is suggested you select a model company to base it on for research purposes. You will determine a point of difference from the existing company.



  • Learn the opportunities in experience mapping for design strategy and development
  • Develop your understanding and relationship with the terms: brand, brand experience and brand values
  • Experience identity development methods related to matrix sketching or Bruce Archer’s development methodology.
  • Utilize the appropriate computer software to produce a professional level identity design solution
  • Display a firm control of the elements and principles of design and Gestalt principles of perception to develop and convey the brand’s systems and values
  • Experience presenting experience map in relation to an identity development

Process book

2016 Fall
Iowa State University Graduate Study
Instructor: Quam, Andrea