Typeface design


Students will design an original typeface using a process of drawing that culminates in a working, digital font file created in the software Glyphs; a printed type specimen, and an oral presentation of the process and final result.


  • This project will help students to:
  • Develop a logical, legible system of letterforms in the form of a working typeface by applying appropriate typographic knowledge to establish a set of rules to which letterforms will adhere consistently. 
  • •Appropriately apply knowledge of selected typeface classification by producing a design that earns that designation. 
  • Recognize relevant typographic anatomy and terminology and show that understanding by defending their design choices and assess peer designs both via written and oral critique. 
  • Write a brief outlining the typeface application and design the system to match appropriately.

Spring 2020. GD203 Advanced Typography
Department of Graphic Design

Stuckeman School
College of Arts and Architecture
Penn State University

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