Sounds Experiments

Project 2 in ARTGR698 is that creates and records sound from object with object microphone and hand recorder. The aim of this project is that I have to make a sound with object by using ten design principles: Anomaly, Symmetry, Asymmetry, Texture, Direction, Gravity, Density, Harmony, Pattern and Scale. Hand recorder and object microphone are very powerful equipment to catch the sound that I made. For this project, I chose the object that is spray paint. It is my first time to make sound with object, it’s very interesting way to study sound for me.

First, for Anomaly, I was rolling the spray with finger, but just one time, while I was repeating, I used stronger power to make anomaly sound.

Second, in order to make asymmetry sound, I used scissors. I tried to cut the spray can with scissors by different power and rhythm.

For density sound, I hit the bottom of the spray with scissors, during I was holding the spray with right hand. This density sound is very unique and wired compare others.

For making direction sound, I tilted spray and I was repeating to back and forth movement. Then the bearing that is inside the spray, moved inside and this movement could make direction sound.

In order to make gravity sound, I dropped the spray on the table. Before I dropped the spray, I attached microphone on the table not on the surface of spray. When I dropped the spray on the table, they made a kind of howling sound. 

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