[Creative Component-MA]Mariposa Ice Cream

Creative Component for MAEGD degree at Iowa State University.

Designing a brand identity + brand experience through a popup store.

For my creative component, I wanted to create a brand identity and brand experience through a popup store for a new ice cream brand, Mariposa. I believe that the brand experience at a popup store is related to brand identity and has a unique brand story, making it one of the best ways to get customers’ royalty. Brand experiences arise in a wide variety of settings when consumers consume brands. Thus, lots of companies try to create their unique brand experience for customers. For example, Starbucks is one of the most experiential brands, their goal is to be the ‘third place’ in people’s daily life. To become the third place, they created the ultimate customer experience at their retail stores through their aroma, music, furniture, display, and environment. As a result, Starbucks delivered on its promise to become the ‘3rd place’ in people’s life. Like Starbucks, I’d like to create a unique experience for customers at my brand’s popup store. A popup store is a low risk, cost-effective way to foster my new ice cream brand because it has a number of benefits: affordability, short term commitment, and brand awareness. It also generates buzz, allows for testing & experimentation, encourages spontaneous purchases and serves as a brand extension. Thus, when a brand starts up with not enough retail stores, a popup store would be a good way to be introduced to customers.

2016 Spring
Iowa State University Graduate Study
Major Professor: Lisa Fontaine
Committee members: Andrea Quam, Joori Suh
Awarded: Best of the Category(Environmental Graphic design) in 58th Annual ADAI Design Exhibition

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