Digital Design Communication, Fall 2017

Digital Design Commucination class is intended to improve your abilities in multi-dimensional problem solving, digital communication skills and perceptual sensitivity. The course will demand well-disciplined work and stringent standards for attendance, presentation, and process. Students develop design abilities while gaining exposure to several pieces of software, which will be used alone and in conjunction with each other to develop and convey your ideas. Therefore, this course is opened for all students at Iowa State University. Additionally, in order to focus on the basic functions of each tool, I’ve set up different projects from Spring 2017.

Learning objectives:
  1. Phase 1. Adobe Illustrator
    • Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator.
    • Know when you need to use Adobe Illustrator.
    • Understand how Adobe Illustrator is different from other tools.
  2. Phase 2. Adobe PhotoShop
    • Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop.
    • Know when you need to use Adobe Photoshop.
    • Understand how Adobe Photoshop is different from other tools.
  3. Phase 3. SketchUp & KeyShot
    • Learn how to use SketchUp to create 3D design.
    • Learn how to use Keyshot to assign materials on a 3D model, and to create an animation.
    • Understand how to use SketchUp with other graphic tools such as Adobe Illustrator.
  4. Phase 4. Adobe InDesign
    • Learn how to use Adobe InDesign.
    • Understand how Adobe InDesign is different from other tools.

Fall 2017 @Iowa State University
Graduate teaching assistant, Instructor of record


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