BJC Music Poster


Create a music poster for a music group that visited the BJC at Penn State in the past (Randomly selected from a list provided by the BJC). Research the time and place of the concert, as well as the band or artist, and create an original poster for the event that conveys the time, place, zeitgeist, and energy of the artist. The poster should be image-based, with all visuals created by hand, NOT via the computer. All text should be made by hand, unless you receive specific permission otherwise. Documentation of visuals can be via scanner or digital photography.


Communicate a larger emotional and visual message from a particular event that occurred at the BJC. Create unique imagery using analog tools such as collage, painting, sculpture, cut paper, drawing, and more. Demonstrate high-level abilities in original imagery creation, and exhibit excellence in poster design, compositional structure, and professional documentation of handmade media.

Fall 2019. GD200 Graphic Design I
Department of Graphic Design

Stuckeman School
College of Arts and Architecture
Penn State University


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    BJC Music Poster

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