Type Anatomy Poster


To learn the anatomy of type and appropriate terminology, design an engaging poster that shows the successful use and understanding of design principles, to clearly designate and label the letter parts, to successfully convey a mood through typography and color, and balance multiple parameters at once.


Create a 9″ x 12″ poster (either vertical or horizontal) by writing the word TYPOGRAPHY (or other words that similarly showcases many letter parts) in traditional serif and/or sans serif typefaces. Label a minimum of two parts per letter, or 20 parts overall. Some letters will have more identifiable parts than others, and your composition may benefit from a greater number of parts. Make sure that labels and lines are clearly defined and legible. The labels should be set in a highly legible typeface. Be consistent in the design and placement of the labels for maximum audience comprehension.


9×12 inch print, mounted on 14×16 inch mat board

Fall 2019. GD201 Typography I
Department of Graphic Design

Stuckeman School
College of Arts and Architecture
Penn State University

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