Experimental Type


To exhibit a strong capability to create imagery using type, and use type successfully in an experimental manner using collage. To explore creative solutions in imaginative alternate methods of using type as a primary element in design. To showcase the ability to use industry-standard software and tools to demonstrate a high level practical knowledge of type to communicate ideas and achieve an overall aesthetic goal according to a creative brief, and demonstrate type setting skills on a 3D product.


Select a musician or band. Imagine that they are re-releasing past songs in a new collection of music, that will be re-branded with new packaging and album name. The artist’s goal is to energize current fans into listening to their old music in a new way due to the curation of tracks into a particular sound or mood (which you will determine). Determine what this artist/band’s aesthetic would look like when repackaged in this way. Using type as your primary element and collage as your method, create the visuals for the album packaging by hand, and scan in the imagery. The output can either be a CD case/CD or vinyl sleeve with liner notes. You must also design the CD front or vinyl as well.

Fall 2019. GD201 Typography I
Department of Graphic Design

Stuckeman School
College of Arts and Architecture
Penn State University

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