Sounds Map in the College of Design

I chose the area which is north side on the 2nd floor of the College of Design building to hear the sounds and to make a sound process map. For 30 minutes, I was trying to hear sounds and make an image map. College of Design building has the A trim, so I could listen so much echo sound from the front and backside of me. I got the chaos from the echo sounds because I could not figure out that where the sound came from and also the echo sounds were very loud. So, I drew circle, triangle, and rectangle shape with a volute line. Also, on my backside, I could hear a little bit quiet echo sound than A trim sound, this sound was regular interval and tone. Thus, I illustrated this sound to the volute circle line. I thought that it might become from installed machines. A black rectangle means a door. There are three doors near me, one is the restroom door, another is a classroom door and the last one is the stair door. I saw just only one person crossed me for 30 minutes, the female student tried to open the classroom door but she couldn’t, then she crossed me and went to the stairs, but I couldn’t know that where she was going to. Different scale circles mean her step sound. Also, I was able to hear the restroom door sound after a flushing sound on my left side. So, I could figure out that the restroom is on my left side, even though I could not see the door or any signage. Therefore, I could hear the elevator sound frequently, which has regular tone and rhythm. So I sketched this sound with a wave line.

It was my first exercise in ARTGR 698 class about the sound. This exercise was pretty exciting to me, although I confused cause various sounds. For the next exercise, I will select another place to make a listening map, and I’m so curious about what I will be able to get through this exercise.

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