[EGD] Lake Scavenger Hunt

Problem statement

There are many bodies of water to be enjoyed in IOWA, but people don’t know the quality of the water. Is it good enough to enjoy the activities? Is it okay if I swallow the water of the lake? How do people know the water quality? This project works to find an answer to these questions and let people know the water quality of IOWA lakes. There are physical attributes that can help people determine the water quality of a lake. If people find some organisms in the lake, living organisms can be proof of the water quality. Due to weather conditions and safety concerns, it is sometimes not easy to find organisms — Especially for kids. Thus, this project created a way to solve this problem through a mobile game for children in particular. This game allows users to explore all lakes in IOWA to realize the water quality at home, or anywhere, anytime.

2016 Fall
Iowa State University Graduate Study
Instructor: Quam, Andrea

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