Type as Brand


Students will work in small groups to design a basic visual identity, including a system of typographic marks for the office of the Sustainability Planner for the region (within the office of the COG: Council of Governments). The system will include choice of typography, color palette, one primary mark for the office, and a suite of secondary marks for sustainability awards in different sectors, and deliverables: business card, letterhead, and one item of your choice. Students will also design a set of identity guidelines, which will act as a guide for future users of the system to effectively utilize the marks as designed.


  • Students will create a custom design brief and work directly with the client to develop clear parameters for the design problem at hand.
  • Students will collaborate with others in a group setting, successfully divide work amongst the group, while maintaining consistency and clarity across all elements of the system.
  • Students will develop original design concepts that function successfully as part of a larger system of marks; and apply design choices consistently across all elements.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of how type functions as a primary element in a branding system, and apply clear, legible typography across all aspects.
  • Students will apply appropriate typographic hierarchy and grid systems to develop clear, functional identity guidelines that can be easily understood, and utilized by the client and future designers.

Spring 2020. GD203 Advanced Typography
Department of Graphic Design

Stuckeman School
College of Arts and Architecture
Penn State University

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